Where I Found You (Heart’s Compass #1) by Brooke O’Brien


How do you protect your heart?

Build a wall.
Lock it away.
Let no one in.

Everyone should have a childhood worth remembering. Only I remember mine for all the wrong reasons. Starting over in a new town is hard enough. When you are running from your past, it doesn’t get any easier.

I was ready to say goodbye to the burdens I have carried. The pain I’ve experienced is more than anyone should have to face.

Then I met him…

He takes my breath away. I can’t ignore the way he makes me feel. I know he has the power to destroy me.

And that’s what scares me the most.

My Review:

This is a stand alone novel, the whole plot revolves around one single circumstance of Ellie´s past and you can understand from the moment you read the Dedication, that this book has a happy ending which is so inspiring for those who have a difficult life, basically that part was what I was attracted to, mainly, the fact that the female protagonist Ellie, does not walk around crying by the corners but takes action and continues her life until she is happy with everything. I simply loved it, and is the same for the male character Callum, although it is less developed than Ellie, was him who entertained me for a longer time, with a hard childhood to overcome he´s still a positive character in every way. It is a very hot and sexy story that it also unfolds lightly, it has romance, a dark subject, suspense and it´s also fun at times,  I must say just for sensitive people, that it is quite graphic in the description of scenes. There are secondary characters to which I was tied up, and I am happy to know that soon enough I will be able to read their stories because there is much to discover there, although I will have to wait for my favorites (Wes and Kin) until 2018 as they are the last on the list of upcoming books.


Brooke O’Brien is the author of the Heart’s Compass series. Her debut novel, Where I Found You, released in May 2017.

Brooke lives in the Midwest with her high school sweetheart and their three children (both human and furry). Growing up Brooke always had a love of writing; she started out writing poetry when she was young and began journaling her thoughts as she grew older. Diving head first into a good book has always been therapeutic for her. Now her two passions have collided.

She believes you can cure any bad day with chocolate. Brooke likes going on long drives with no destination in mind. She’s found that’s when her characters talk to her the most! If she’s not reading or writing, you’ll probably find her spending time with her family, watching NBA basketball, going to the movies, or collecting signed paperbacks.

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