AFTERGLOW by Maria Monroe

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Nina can shoot a gun, start a fire, and kick some serious ass. So when a killer virus and solar storm decimate the country, she’s as prepared as possible to survive. She just needs a motorcycle to navigate the cluttered roads and meet up with her family.

Creed, former Marine, is tattooed and tough. He’s scarred inside and out. Loss is no stranger to him, and he avoids getting close to anyone at all costs.

When Nina tries to steal his motorcycle they have a vicious fight, but necessity and attraction force them into an uneasy alliance. They travel together through the dangerous landscape, where trouble lurks around every corner and they need each other to survive.

But the biggest danger just might be falling in love.

Equally as exciting as it is sexy, Afterglow contains graphic sex and some violence, so please read at your own risk. 18+ recommended.


About the author

Maria Monroe lives just outside Chicago with her awesome husband, 3 kids, and a bunch of rescue animals. In addition to spending time writing sexy romance novels, she loves playing Pokemon and burning stuff in the backyard.

Welcome to Graffiti Fiction


This is a love story, is very romantic even when is set in an post- apocalyptic world. I enjoy it a lot. I was hooked from the very beginning, the survival and the dialogs captured my attention right away.   The male character is Creed, if the end of earth come you’ll absolutely want this ex-military man in your life, he knows everything and is so strong, and Nina! She is one of the strongest female characters I have ever read; together they are a really explosive couple in every way, which brings you an exciting, and fun plot. The central theme is the romance between them but there is action and the best part for me was the end. I appreciate when I get rewarded for all that angst in post-apocalyptic tragedies. So yes! 5 stars.





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