epldlm Today I will share with you the wonderful experience that is The Little Book of the Muses, written by Khaled Talib. I read the Spanish edition,
and it’s a very light reading, as it is a composed only of inspiring quotes for writers, but also can be useful for a readers,
or even better for an aspiring writer which is my case. Every author goes through that infamous “writer’s block” at least once, and usually it ends with some trigger to restart the creativity that his work deserves, and that is when this book can help. I had it in my hands last night, and i didn’t stop reading until i was finish with the last sentence, several of them became my favorites, as they are a way to motivate in any intellectual or spiritual task,
and not exclusively on the task of writing; Is incredibly powerful and I think is mandatory for writers. For me, this has the five stars.

if you want to see more of this, I recommend for you these sites:

http://www.thelittlebookofmuses.com http://www.khaledtalibthriller.com htto://amazon.com/author/khaledtalib

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